The Noose Has Been Tightened

The first video featuring Zhao Sile was made in 2017. She had not been arrested and she even managed to travel to Taiwan. She mentioned 3 levels of offence in the eyes of the CCP. Those whose speech and actions make them nervous belong to the highest category. These folks will almost certainly be imprisoned. The next level are those who only take part in demonstrations. These folks are often arrested but are usually let off quite easily. Then comes those who merely comment on the regime. These folks are boycott by publishers and have their comments deleted on social media.

Fast forward to 2021 and how things have changed. With a new law being passed, only official news channels are allowed to report and comment on practically anything under the sun. This means that even the 五毛 may not be allowed to show their undying support for the Party. Even commenting unfavourably on the Korean War or a patriotic movie can get you jailed as Caijing magazine editor Luo Changping found out.

Sydney Daddy presents a slightly different view on Luo Changping’s comments. While he is against arresting and imprisoning someone on such a frivolous charge, he does not necessarily agree with Luo Changping’s views. The soldiers who froze to death might not have done so because they were stupid. Perhaps they had no other choice. An interesting revelation here is 督战队, a regiment armed with machine guns guarding the route of retreat. Any soldier found retreating would be shot dead.