The Battle of Chonsin Lake

The battle of Chosin Lake was a defining moment in history when China intervened in the Korean War which should have ended when Allied forces marched into Pyongyang in October 1950. General MacArthur deliberately made the public statement that they would pull out before Christmas. It was an assurance to China that Americans would not be invading them. Allied forces were complacent and not watching the western flank because they could not imagine that any sane leader who cared for the well-being of his people at all would send troops into Korea under those conditions.

Well, they were wrong about Mao Zedong. And Mao was not interested in protecting his country. He didn’t care how many thousands were actually on a suicide mission. He just wanted a feather in his cap for destroying an elite American division. Japan had its moment of glory at Pearl Habour. Mao had to have his own at Chosin Lake.

In the aftermath of the ceasefire in 1953, most Chinese people tried not to bring up the matter as they found it disgraceful. 70 years later, the battle of Chosin Lake was not only brought up but glorified on the silver screen. This movie, along with its “compulsory viewing” is evidence that the Mao mentality has reemerged. What is going to happen to Taiwan? I was sure nothing would happen until now.