The Princess Has Been Released

The princess has been released, but what about the former Huawei employees who pointed out the Huawei infringements that Meng Wanzhou confessed to? Were they not right? Why have they been imprisoned in China?

Back in 2018, some folks have argued that the arrest of the 2 Canadians has nothing to do with Meng Wanzhou – China was just applying the rule of law. What do they have to say now?

Meng was returned to China on a chartered plane. It may seem that she is being treated like a princess, but is she really regarded as a princess or is it because she holds too much sensitive information about Huawei? If there is no sensitive information, why not let her clear her name under cross examination in a US court? Why should China stake its dignity on this standoff? Which “normal” business person gets such treatment from the Chinese government?

China now celebrates Meng’s return as a victory for China. I don’t see how this saga can be regarded as such. Back then, I wasn’t sure if Huawei represents any security risk for countries that do business with it. Now I’m sure. So much has been revealed over these 3 years. You can even figure it out by thinking with your toes.

But make no mistake, Wall Street only recognises money.