Vietnam and Afghanistan

The Taliban gave the same promises as the Vietcong. Ethnic Chinese Vietnamese author Mr Xin Shui (now residing in Australia) gives a very insightful, intriguing and informative account of what went on in Vietnam after the Vietcong takeover. Sydney Daddy Edgar Lu also sees a parallel in the CCP takeover of China.

Mr Xin Shui’s late father was able to predict the true nature and ultimate intention of the Vietcong even though everything seemed so progressive and prosperous in Vietnam after the Vietcong took over. Many Vietnamese even celebrated the fall of Saigon with fireworks. True enough, there was a honeymoon period. Xin Shui’s father kept goading them to leave Vietnam but nobody understood why. By the time the Vietcong cracked down on land and business owners, it was too late.

Most interesting was the use of apples as a code to inform escapees that the ship to freedom is out at sea. The man who helped them escape was an Indonesian businessman by the name of Mr Zheng who managed to escape to Singapore. Their escape was officially disallowed but tacitly approved as long as they left their gold behind. A lot of treasures may still be buried in the ground in Vietnam! Mr Xin Shui escaped on a ship, landed on a deserted Indonesian island, later transferred to Tanjong Pinang, then passed the immigration interview to settle in Australia. An intriguing story indeed.

What really baffles me is how the same trick can be repeated over and over again. The contribution by Western countries (unwelcome by many people in the South China Sea) have also been forgotten.