Eternal Slavery

Here’s another excellent presentation from Terence Shen on understanding the sometimes enigmatic Chinese psyche. There are two very significant points being raised here.

The first one has to do with kneeling for thousands of years and not able to get back on one’s feet. This is an inferiority complex that is rife not just among Chinese citizens but also the Chinese diaspora. There is a saying 吃地沟油的命,操中南海的心. Many people accept that they are inferior to their leaders and would rather not have any opinion about the governance of their country.

The other significant point made is the sudden switch from supporting a Western journalist who helped them get the truth out to condemning him as a hostile foreign force. Dr Jiang Yanyong 蒋彦永 who leaked information on the SARS epidemic to the Wall Street Journal and forced the authorities to come clean and take action, was once hailed as a hero. Where is he now? Under house arrest in Beijing.