China Survival Tip

This couple was confronted by officials who were there to inform them that their house had to be demolished (ostensibly to make way for new mega projects that flaunt wealth, boost GDP and build confidence). The official reason given was that their house was not built according to regulations. The couple, of course, had all the papers to show that the reason provided was not valid. The authorities may then respond by sending engineers to pronounce the structure unsound. Folks who are used to the rule of law in their own country may not know what to do under such circumstances.

This couple took to the streets and created a scene. 别人不讲理你就要比他凶。This is how Chinese people handle what they see as bullying. The old man did something very interesting and it has to do with recent developments in America’s policies against CCP members. He challenged the officials present to admit that they are Communist Party members and none of them dared to say it on camera. Of course, nobody knows how this will turn out. It depends on the how much political clout the developer has.

There are no freehold properties in China. All residential properties must be returned to the government after 70 years. But then, many buildings are not constructed to last 70 years anyway and technically, the government can demolish anyone’s house at short notice with compensation best described as a token. The majority of Chinese people are not affected by 强拆。Otherwise, anarchy would ensue. Nevertheless, nobody sees his home as something permanent. Property speculation and house flipping is a favourite pastime in the cities. Many eventually buy property overseas (like in America) where home ownership is better protected. That’s why the officials dared not admit that they are CCP members.