Jiang Feng

Truth be told, I’ve not paid much attention to Falun Gong members until recently and I admit that I’ve been taken aback by how well organised they are and how many talented people they have in their ranks. Jiang Feng is one of them. A native of Anhui Province, working as a piano tuner in Hefei city, Jiang Feng was kidnapped and illegally imprisoned for 3 years. After authorities were satisfied that he had been successfully re-educated and given up on Falun Gong, he was released whence he escaped to the US.

In this video, Jiang Feng gives us a brilliant analysis of Covid-19 spreading through Beijing, with its effects rippling all the way to the leadership HQ of Zhong Nan Hai. Will the disease prove to be the greatest nemesis for China’s top down system of government? Will Xi alone be held accountable for the failure to contain it in Wuhan? Jiang seems to be predicting a political earthquake.

Leaders are passing the buck, pushing all the blame on Xi Jinping. He has never left Beijing, probably fearing a coup. Russia has restricted the entry of Chinese nationals. Hong Kong and Macau residents are included. Taiwanese are excluded. This makes the Philippines’ policy of counting Taiwanese as mainland Chinese rather comical.

Zhou Xianwang is a Chinese politician currently serving as Deputy Party Committee Secretary and mayor of Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei province. He is of Tujia ethnicity. He entered the workforce in September 1980, and joined the Communist Party of China in January 1987. In this saga, he bravely revealed that the central government did not allow him to take aggressive action to contain the virus for fear of affecting the festive mood.

周先旺 2020.1.31 武汉市市长.jpg

On January 27, 2020, in an interview on China’s national TV, Zhou acknowledged that the city government had failed to promptly disclose information about the outbreak and offered to resign over the January 23 decision to lock down the city. Interestingly, he was not removed even though his boss was removed.