Hilton Abandoned?

All the shredded promises (15% returns) and giving the Hilton a bad name. I have encountered hostels that call themselves Four Seasons (春夏秋冬 in Chinese and not 四季). It’s supposed to be some hot spring resort. Comrade Shi can’t read English, but it says Star Hotel Matching, so the 希尔顿 probably stands for Star and not Hilton. It’s also called 恒博.希尔顿, a slight variation of the original name. Why “matching”? I would guess that it’s meant for some Airbnb investment. From the main entrance of the resort, still acting as a sales office at the time it was abandoned, you can see a board showing the number of units sold. Comrade Shi counted 20 units. Where are these owners now? Have they paid up? How much have they lost? Fortunately, some of the folks who could have been chased out to make way for this opulent project are now cultivating maize on whatever land still available.

Interestingly, I can’t find any sales pitch for this property on Chinese websites. That’s the ethical part. The unethical part is to use Hilton’s name.