Wei Jing Sheng 魏京生

The godfather of democracy in China, Wei Jing Sheng 魏京生, telling America that the country has done nothing to protect democracy activists in America. Mr Jing had rejected US citizenship. He still considers China his home even after having lived in the US since 1997. His struggle against the CCP began early as 1978 during Deng Xiao Ping’s time. The first time he got into trouble was for writing an essay pasted on a wall entitled The Fifth Modernization (第五个现代化). Having spent a total of about 14 years in jail, his knowledge and experience dealing with the CCP is vast.

America has its ethics and values. The US government must not seem like a hypocrite, but how can one remain gentlemanly when dealing with hooligans?The hell with what they “counter preach” about freedom of speech and human rights which only you have to observe. Censor then as they would censor you. That’s only fair. You can’t let your own values put you at a disadvantage. America had been a complete hypocrite in his “war on terror”. People didn’t care. The hell with human rights when you’re dealing with terrorists. But this time, America is grossly underestimating the bigger threat not just to itself but also maritime ASEAN.

All of China’s enlightened military commanders have been dismissed. Highly influential ones like General Liu Ya Zhou have been arrested. Fighter jets and warships had made aggressive moves in disputed areas. America should wake up and listen.